Jianlei Zhang, PhD. Data Scientist

Area of Expertise:
Data Mining/Machine Learning, Deep Learning/(Recurrent) Neural Networks, Time Frequency Analysis (Signal processing), Time Series Forecasting

Design of Algorithm and Data Structure, Artificial Intelligence, Database Management, Statistics, Recommendation System

Linear/Nonlinear/Dynamic/(Mixed) Integer Programming, (Meta)-Heuristics, Logistics Engineering, Supply Chain Modeling, Production and Inventory Control, Stochastic Simulation

Design of Experiment, Growth Hacking, A/B testing, Product Design, Human Computer Interfaces (HCI), Human Factors, Ergonomics


• Expert in Python, PySpark, Pandas, PyTorch, R, SQL, MATLAB, Macro, VBA, Excel
• Proficient in SAS, SPSS, Minitab, Tableau, Simio, CPLEX, JMP, H2O, Google OR-Tools
• Familiar with Hadoop, MongDB, Bash script, Apache Pig, AWS, PLC, LabView, Prolog, C, Prolog, Raspberry pi, ROS, Linux

Selected Courses

• ISE: Engineering Optimization, Intro Operation Research, Logistics Engineering, Production Planning Scheduling & Inventory, Factory Physics, Supply Chain Modeling, Simulation Modeling, Human Factor/Ergonomics, Probabilistic Modeling, Stochastic Simulation, Quality Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Automation, Market Research

• Statistics: Experimental Statistics, Design of Experiment, Big Data, Data Mining, Time Series Analysis, Statistical Inference I, Design of Experiments

• Computer Science: Design of Algorithm & Data Structure, Artificial Intelligence, DataBase Application

Soft skills:
Exuberant Imagination, Natural Curiosity, Versatile Learner, Amiable Personality

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